Urban Bean

Welcome to Urban Bean, creating a destination, a place where you want to be, connect
relax, refuel and get ready to go.

This is our concept test, business planning and supplier information site. Its a first point of call and possibly where your come to look us up, find out more and explore what were about. Whatever you want to know get in touch. meet@urbanbean.co.uk
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Come & Visit

Commercial Street, Pontypool, NP46JQ

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Say hello in Pontypool

Pontypool has its deep history carved out and made through the industrial age. Its valleys forged by the glaciers, its coal mined and shipped globally. Through global industries of coal, steel, glassware, steam, water and rugby... Pontypool has been a destination for global visitors far and wide for a long time. Now, we want you to be part of the new generation at the heart of Pontypools next era of success. Why not come and join us and refuel over a coffee. 
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