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Creating something different

Hi, we are Iestyn & Kate. Welcome.

We have both lived and grown up in Pontypool. Our children visiting the same schools, parks and places as we did as we grew up. Its a fabulous place to live, learn and grow. Our fantastic parks, hills, rivers and canals make us a great place to explore. In addition to being with 15 minutes of a world heritage site.

Our mission is simple. We want to create a place where people want to visit. Somewhere special - to relax, refuel and get ready to go. Its a place where you will probably want to be. Whether for a quiet unwind, a catch up with friends or a business meeting out of the office.

The concept is Urban Cool. Where street meets professional. Where urban boards meet beans. You will be a doer. Someone who gets things done. If thats you, then your for us and were for you.

Our ethical approach is think local, act local. Our suppliers sourced locally, Gluten and dairy free products integrated to our carefully sourced selection of savoury food, cakes & pastries. Our coffee sourced direct from a dedicated farm in Kenya. Every bean we sell directly contributes to the farm, its local workforce and their childrens education. Every bean you buy with us makes a real difference.

The journey has started. Our concept is being researched with local customers - the response overwhelming. Discussions with Torfaen County Borough Council have been initiated with premises and local suppliers being sourced. The business and financial plan is taking shape and once all is in place our branding and marketing campaigns will begin.

We hope this introduction has helped you gain an insight into us, our dream, our passion and our business. Get in touch, ask us plenty of questions but most important of all.... meet@urbanbean.co.uk 

Thank you



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